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Applicant Information 申请人信息 *This question is required.
This question requires a valid email address.
Advisor Information 导师信息 *This question is required.
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Please select one research area.  Relevance of your submission to areas of interest to Baxter is a key component of your application. 
1. 导师推荐信 Attach your Advisor Recommendation Letter (PDF only; 2MB size limit) *This question is required.申请者的研究导师需要附信确认其在校信息或博士后研究员身份以及详细描述申请者在整个研究项目中的影响作用,与其他项目参与者所起作用的区别,和在相关学科中建立的贡献意义。推荐信要求简明扼要,同时欢迎导师在对于有关申请者在项目中所做贡献部分做详细陈述。
The applicant’s scientific advisor should also send a letter that confirms the enrollment or postdoctoral status, details the applicant’s contribution to the research, distinguishing it from the efforts of other supporting team members, and establishes the significance of the contribution to its relevant scientific discipline. Although these letters should be concise, the scientific advisor is welcome to discuss unique circumstances which may be relevant to the applicant’s contribution.
2. 研究概述 Attach your Research Description (both in English and Chinese; PDF Only; 2MB size limit) *This question is required.研究概述需要详细描述所进行的研究项目与以上5个研究领域的关联信息。整体内容不超过两页A4纸张(包括数据图表及参考文献),页面设计使用1"页边距,12号字体。
The application should clearly describe the connection between the research and the above research areas.
The length of application should not exceed two pages of A4 paper (including figures and references), with 1” margins and font size ≥12pt.
3. 个人简历 Attach your CV (PDF Only; 2MB size limit) *This question is required.
4. 在读证明 Attach your schooling certification(PDF Only; 2MB size limit) *This question is required.需加盖学校公章 with stamp